Our coach led training sessions are scientifically designed to help your child progress physically and mentally ahead of schedule. This builds confidence and competence in life.


Beast mode engage! At Skilz, we know the importance of physical fitness and teaching functional movements, as these are the movements that mimic “real life”. Kids will learn how to safely pick things up, squat, throw, run and generally be great at physical activity.  Let’s make working out cooler than watching television, folks.

Rocking a backflip is just plain cool. At Skilz we love gymnastics because it’s about ‘how the body moves’ and therefore is the foundation for all physical activity and sports. We want to develop the most fundamental physical and motor abiliites, mental, social and emotional benefits and performance skills that carry over into all aspects of life.

Get the trophy case ready. Learning and playing multiple sports is a key component of Skilz, as we want to give kids the tools and knowledge to participate and excel in a wide variety of activities. Children will be exposted to a “sport” skill in each and every class. Be prepared to catch, hit, throw, kick, and shoot some hoops with your kids at a moment’s notice.

That’s right. We said NINJA! You never know when your child might be called on to climb a rock wall, swing across hot lava, and parkour his way to save a damsel in distress (it could happen). At Skilz, we will teach your kids how to climb, swing, jump, and general move in an awesome way in, around, and through obstacles.


  • Skilz is an excellent program that focuses on building the foundational motor and coordination skills that are key components to a child’s development. The coaches have the educational background to ensure success for each individual child.

    Emily Damron | Pediatric Occupational Therapist
  • Since starting Skilz class, my 19 month old’s confidence has soared. It is awesome to watch my son try new things at class and then practice those same things at home. Skilz Class is a great way for kids to develop a love for physical activity.

    Brooke Vorhoff
  • My 5 year old daughter LOVES going to Skilz! She can’t wait to work on her ninja skills each week and show them off to me! I love the fact that we get to talk about fitness together.

    Ben Hodskins
  • In less than a month of Skilz, we can already see positive changes with our 2 year old daughter. She’s more confident, has increased coordination, and we know that she is developing skills that will impact her positively as she grows. I am so glad that she is a part of this program.

    Lindsey Burris


Check out the Skilz for Kids blog to see our latest Skilz at Home Challenges and Knowledge Bombs. Get ready parents, there might be a challenge or two for you too #fitfamily


High energy, coach-led group classes that focus on our core physical and character pillars.

Customized for your child’s level of physical, mental, and social abilities.

Programming based upon sports science and developmental milestones.

You child will become more athletic and confident. They will be hooked!

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